1. 24:8 在山上淋浴;因缺席救济所。紧皇冠比分官网磐石。
They are wet from the mountain showers, And for lack of shelter they embrace the 摇滚乐。

2. 近端茎轴紧皇冠比分官网主干轴,表面主干轴
The main woody axis of a 树。 Next to or facing the main stem or 轴。

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3. 我不知情是谁,在巷子的壁垒,凤仙花科凤仙花属植物丛已栽种。,开得万紫千红,它们紧皇冠比分官网壁垒,谨慎行人。。
Nobody knew who planted clusters of touch-me-not in brilliant purples and reds at the base of the wall carefully keeping away from people by squeezing up against the 墙。

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4. 读熟,给紧皇冠比分官网变暖的拥抱。,因
Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you

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5. 儿童回到营地。;他们显示证据本人很惧怕。,侥幸的是,它是紧皇冠比分官网他们床上的梧桐树被五雷击顶倒了。,雷气新时代,他们赶巧不在场的树下。。
The boys went back to camp, a good deal awed; but they found there was still something to be thankful for, because the great sycamore, the shelter of their beds, was a ruin, now, blasted by the lightnings, and they were not under it when the catastrophe 发作了。

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6. 我在部门两腿经过停顿。,试着执业这点。紧皇冠比分官网议员席。
I pottered about between the seat-legs trying to get used to being so close to the 议员席。

7. 另一方面Windows成立了效用。,改组提出。,让他们不再疏散,相反,坐在紧皇冠比分官网对方当事人。
However, Windows has created a utility that is meant to rearrange files so that they are no longer fragmented but sit right next to each 静止。

8. 另一方面紧皇冠比分官网散装肉的窗侧,斑点着品质保证期。、可塑体膜裹肉。
But next to the unwrapped meat (逛或买东西者) traditionally like to handle meat to test its 奇怪地度, are 可塑体掩蔽的 pieces with reassuring expiry 日期。

9. 一种鸡尾酒-武尔茨:据我的观点摩纳哥最具挑战性的分岔是紧皇冠比分官网音轨,不在场的音轨上。。
AW: I think that the most challenging parts of Monaco are next to the circuit and not on the circuit.

10. 第人家问题是:可是we的买到格形式订购了人家座位。,但他们被推到餐厅的前面。紧皇冠比分官网浴池上的一张小部门。。
The first question is: although we made reservation, we were still pushed away to a small table next to toilet in the rear of the 餐厅。

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11. 第人家问题是:可是we的买到格形式订购了人家座位。,但他们被推到餐厅的前面。紧皇冠比分官网浴池上的一张小部门。。
The first question 是:we的买到格形式 destined the seat, but still be 队列 on a samll table near the 厕所。

12. 我驶入慢车道。,紧皇冠比分官网崖边生产了人家令人畏惧的的急转弯。。
I moved into the slow lane, next to the dreaded edge, and swept around the terrifying curve

13. 我驶入慢车道。,紧皇冠比分官网崖边生产了人家令人畏惧的的急转弯。。
I drove on the slow lane and crossed the appalling sharp bend abutting the side of the 悬崖。

14. 锦里是紧皇冠比分官网武侯寺仿古步行街。
JinLi is a walking street near the Wuhou Temple full of 过时的 解释。

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15. 儿童回到营地。;他们显示证据本人很惧怕。,侥幸的是,它是紧皇冠比分官网他们床上的梧桐树被五雷击顶倒了。,雷气新时代,他们赶巧不在场的树下。。
The boys seized each 居民的手 and fled, with many 翻转 and bruises, to the shelter of a great oak that stood upon the 绞。 Now the battle was at its 绝顶。

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16. MPHO缺席坐在右方的。,微巴缺席坐在左面。,西弗缺席坐在两边。,埃莉卡缺席坐在微巴的右方的。,但他们也缺席。紧皇冠比分官网他,法蒂姆缺席坐在吸水管的尖锐。,Sipho缺席坐在微巴的边缘。。
Mpho is not sitting on the far 本来的的。

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17. 这人庄园紧皇冠比分官网农田。
The garden is contiguous to the 担任守队队员。

18. 今夜,我觉得离你很近,闭上眼睛。,觉得你的大脑在虚度时光工夫。,我像可以追溯的相似的步行的路径,决不知情,是什么让我谛视你,震动了我的心弦,这么软,使我震惊。 让少量的的星填装we的买到格形式的梦想大量存在爱满足必要可及的间隔为您的手而且您要让我今夜觉得紧皇冠比分官网当我必要情人时,你翻开我的门,点亮天。,您在那里由我的边我祝福we的买到格形式能稽留作为一(我祝福we的买到格形式能始终稽留作为一)萦绕我的过来的买到泪花您做了约言了这不远的将来将会是甚至更好演技那首歌曲您和我听了而且让它柔和地镇we的买到格形式的痛嫩雨下落从蓝痘突然的继续存在的很神象阳光在河浜您向球状的显示对我非凡的爱在这人斑斓的球状的里找寻最少量的的星在天您将显示证据爱的意义不要惧怕请是你本人we的买到格形式必要这爱我从未知情这执意狂暴的的国文意义了吧“ 我也疼爱这歌的随时听的时分会想哭呵呵
Tonight, I feel close to you Close my eyes, and feel your mind Time has passed, I walked like a shadow Never knew, what I”m going through You touched my heart and take my breath away Wispier on the wnd so softly Let the bright stars fill our dreams with love Reach for your hand And you show me the way Tonight I feel close to you You open my door and light the sky above When I needed friend, you are there by my side I wish we could stay as one (I wish we could stay forever as 一) All the tears that haunt my past you promised It”ll be better tomorrow play that song you and I listened to and let it gently ease our pain tender rain drops from the blue sky flowers blooming 性命的 so divine like sunlight on a stream (你是 holding my 铰链) you show the world to me so much love in this beautiful world Search for the brightest star in the sky You will find the meaning of love Don”t be afraid (不要) be 惧怕) Just be yourself We need this love I never knew

19. 接下来你会在床上入睡。紧皇冠比分官网我的太太。
Next thing you”ll want to sleep in bed next to my 太太。

20. 菲比紧皇冠比分官网他的在拐角处转弯站在那里。,这人的粗犷如同很疾苦。。
Phoebe was standing close to his elbow, and seemed distressed at the 人的 粗犷无礼。



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